Who’s Winning in Loyalty Across the Omnichannel?

New shopper survey reveals how online buying is affecting mindsets
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Who’s Winning in Loyalty Across the Omnichannel?
Recent research from Chicory shows that digital shoppers are loyal and tend to plan more meals.

Yes, shoppers are buying more across the omnichannel, recent market research confirms. But in what might be some surprising news, a survey conducted by tech company Chicory reveals that online-exclusive shoppers are more loyal to brands and stores.

According to Chicory’s recent survey of more than 700 consumers, “The Impact of Store and Brand Loyalty in the Omnichannel Shopper’s Journey” (see infographic below), digital-only shoppers are 14.7 times more likely to be loyal to the same grocery store. When it comes to products and brands, 93% of online-only consumers report that they have specific brands in mind when creating their shopping lists.

“The omnichannel experience offers brands and retailers countless consumer touchpoints, leaving them wondering where to focus their efforts,” said Yuni Sameshima, Chicory co-founder and CEO. “According to our latest survey, the answer is clear. Online shoppers are more loyal than in-store shoppers, making it a priority for brands and retailers to reach digital shoppers where they know they’ll be, like meal planning on a recipe site.”

What might sway digital shoppers’ demonstrated loyalty to their favorite grocers and brands? Reflecting mounting concerns about inflation, Chicory's survey indicates that price is the top driver of brand swaps, at 52%. When considering a repeat purchase, price is also the top consideration among consumers, cited by 32% of respondents, followed by taste at 21% and nutritional health at 13%.

While the survey highlights shopper sentiments about loyalty, it also affirmed the embrace of omnichannel buying. Almost half (47%) of total respondents say they have shopped both in person and at physical stores in the past 60 days and the total number of digital-savvy grocery shoppers is almost 60%.

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