Which Grocers Have the Best Loyalty Programs?

Newsweek finds out which programs offer worthwhile rewards
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Out of 11 broad sectors, Newsweek found the highest number of top-rated rewards programs among supermarkets, with 25.

Grocery loyalty programs have become an essential strategy for consumers to save money during these high inflationary times. Which programs do shoppers find the most valuable, though? To answer this question, Newsweek has partnered with global data research firm Statista to find Americas Best Loyalty Programs for 2023. The company surveyed more than 4,000 customers who are members of U.S. loyalty programs and asked them several questions, including which programs offered worthwhile rewards, which they were most satisfied with, and which they would recommend to friends and family.

Altogether, the company rated 239 programs in 32 product and service categories in 11 broad sectors: apparel, baby and children, banking, general reward programs, grocery stores, health and beauty, home, leisure and entertainment, restaurants, sports, and transportation and travel.

The highest number of top-rated rewards programs was among supermarkets, with 25. These include the following loyalty programs, with their corresponding scores:

  1. Randalls for U, 9.43
  2. Dillons Rewards World Elite Mastercard, 8.76
  3. H-E-B Points Club Rewards, 8.73
  4. Family Fare yes Rewards, 8.60
  5. Smith’s Rewards World Elite Mastercard, 8.51
  6. Foodtown Club Card, 8.44
  7. Brookshire’s Thank You Card, 8.40
  8. Ingles Advantage Card, 8.39
  9. Food Lion’s Shop & Earn MVP Customer Rewards, 8.29
  10. Price Chopper’s AdvantEdge Rewards, 8.23
  11. Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard, 8.19
  12. Fred Meyer Rewards World Elite Mastercard, 8.18
  13. Winn-Dixie Rewards, 8.12
  14. Giant Eagle Advantage Card, 8.07
  15. Pick ‘n Save/Metro Market Rewards World Elite Mastercard, 8.07
  16. Giant Flexible Rewards, 8.02
  17. Meijer mPerks, 7.96
  18. Club Publix, 7.94
  19. Key Food Savings Club Card, 7.94
  20. Harris Teeter Rewards World Elite Mastercard, 7.88
  21. Albertsons for U, 7.87
  22. ShopRite Price Plus Club, 7.85
  23. Vons for U, 7.81
  24. Tops GasPoints, 7.75
  25. Stop & Shop GO Rewards, 7.71

In the superstores and warehouse club store category, My BJ’s Perks received a 8.31 score, Costco membership scored 8.19, Sam’s Club’s Sam’s Cash got a 8.19, Target Circle received a 7.97 and Capital One Walmart Rewards Card scored 7.89.

In the convenience store category, Hy-Vee’s Fuel Saver + Perks scored 8.10. For grocery delivery, Newsweek ranked Grubhub Rewards with an 8.74 score, Amazon Prime Store Card with 8.14 and Instacart+ with 7.87.

Consumers are eager to save money, so they’ll look to a rewards program to help them find more value. According to Progressive Grocer Editor-in-Chief Gina Acosta's commentary in “Top 10 Retail Innovations for 2023,” food retailers that deliver authentic, meaningful value to shoppers by prioritizing personalization, customized deals and timely offers will win loyalty in this — or any — competitive environment. 

For the complete list of Americas Best Loyalty Programs 2023, click here.  

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