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What Were the Biggest Retail Product Trends in Q2?

RangeMe report details search and buying trends among retailers, suppliers
Emily Crowe, Progressive Grocer
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Retailers and suppliers using the RangeMe platform showed a growing interest in sustainable products in Q2.

E-commerce product discovery and purchasing platform RangeMe is breaking down retailer and supplier trends from the second quarter of 2022. In its "Retail Roundup: Q2 2022" report, the company takes a deep dive into trends ranging from healthier food options and skincare to pet food and sunscreen.

As far as healthier food options, “mushroom” clocked in as one of the most-searched terms, and items including salad dressing, pickles, okra and dried chickpeas also topped the list across the U.S. and Europe. “Organic skincare” saw an increase in searches among retailers and suppliers, as did CBD-related products in the U.S. 

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Pandemic pets were top of mind on RangeMe, with “cat food” sitting atop the list of most-searched items, although the product was negatively impacted by a lack of ingredients and packaging materials, as well as supply chain transportation issues.

“We’re not going to sugarcoat it, 2022 has been another whirlwind of a year for the consumer packaged goods industry. Ongoing supply chain issues and rising inflation costs have kept suppliers and retail buyers on their toes,” said Nicky Jackson, CEO of San Francisco-based RangeMe. “This is why it’s more important than ever to stay on top of emerging trends happening within the industry, to better equip your business for success through current circumstances, and we’re happy we can provide insights to help.”

RangeMe users showed a continued interest in diverse, minority and LGBTQ-certified businesses, and also those that tout sustainability. For the first time ever, the platform saw its collection of sustainability-focused products and businesses reign supreme over all of its other collections.

“Gen Z may be leading the sustainability conversation, but studies show consumers across all generations have no problem paying more for sustainable options,” the study found. “Above all, consumers are giving their trust (and money) to retailers who are transparent about their efforts and moving in the right direction when it comes to sustainability."

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