Violife Epic Dairy Free Festive Platter

Violife Epic Dairy Free Festive Platter

Indulging during the holidays can be difficult for those dedicated to a plant-based diet or with dietary restrictions, as well as for their hosts at seasonal gatherings. The solution is the Violife Epic Dairy Free Festive Platter, a limited-edition vegan cheese platter featuring three blocks, each free from common allergens such as dairy, nuts, soy, lactose and gluten, so everyone is able to partake. The block flavors are crumbly Mature Cheddar, featuringthe taste and texture of aged cheddar; Smoked Cheddar, offering a mellow smoky flavor that pairs well with wine before or after dinner; and Garlic & Chilli Cheddar, imparting a spicy kick that goes with freshly baked bread and dill pickles. The 15.87-ounce platter retails for a suggested retail price range of $10.99-$11.99. 


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