Tyson® Crispy Glazed™ Chicken Wings

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Favorite flavors, enhanced store sales!

Tyson® Crispy Glazed chicken wings present a fun way for customers to enjoy a favorite flavor and for your store to profit from higher rings.

Flavor and quality, not price, drive chicken wing purchases. That means  Teriyaki, Buffalo, Caliente, Hot Pepper and Barbecue glazes will appeal to wing-lovers' evolving tastes and help you exceed sales goals with premium-quality product.

Tyson® Crispy Glazed chicken wings are operator-friendly, too. Simply deep fry, add one pouch of glaze, and mix until the glaze evenly covers the wings. They stay moist and crisp through extended hold times in your hot case, and retain sauces better than other wing products on the market today leading to repeat chicken wing sales, according to Tyson Foods.

With Tyson® Crispy Glazed chicken wings, customers get more flavor and you get more profit.

For more information on Tyson® Crispy Glazed chicken wings, visit www.tysondeli.com


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