Tyson® BYO Bistro™ Entrées - One-Dish Convenience in Your Deli Cold Case

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Experts predict supermarket foodservice will present the largest opportunity for commercial foodservice growth this year. Thanks to Tyson Foods BYO Bistro entrées, you’ll be prepared to compete!

These new, one-dish meals will transform your deli from a department into a prepared foods destination -- especially since pasta entrées are the third highest type of deli entrees in terms of category dollars.

Just imagine your cold service case rotating a selection of these seven on-trend varieties of profit-packed pastas:

  • Chicken Artichoke Pasta
  • Italian Style Mixed Grill Pasta
  • Chicken Teriyaki Noodle
  • South of the Border Chicken Orzo Pasta
  • Chicken, Bacon & Vegetable Alfredo Pasta
  • Cajun Sausage Tortellini Pasta
  • Meaty Mac & Cheese

BYO Bistro entrées are a snap for back-of-house employees to prepare. They simply thaw the small-pack bags of pasta for 24 hours, place in a bowl, stir, and then display on a cold case platter or in a bowl.

Your time-starved customers will appreciate the convenience, too: They can pick up a pasta dish, add a salad or dessert for a cross-merchandising opportunity, then microwave at home and enjoy a complete meal.

Another reason to sell BYO Bistro entrées; they are especially appealing to 18- to 34-year-olds; which means the pastas can help you capture a key consumer group that is underdeveloped when purchasing from prepared foods cases is concerned.

Incremental sales, low-shrink rates, increased volume, convenience and consistency -- they’re all yours with BYO Bistro entrées.

For more information on Tyson® BYO Bistro entrées, visit www.tysondeli.com.


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