TwoFold Pole Mount Windshield Center

An efficient and innovative unit for your forecourt area.

An efficient and innovative unit for your forecourt area. It has every desirable feature to help you make the best use of this fixture: single or double washer bucket, dual & lockable towel dispenser, ample ad space. The TwoFold pole mount windshield is made of strong plastic material for longevity and to make it resistant to impact, scratches and dents. It has added UV inhibitors to prevent color fading from exposure to the elements. Unit is fastened with an easy and secure mounting block that attaches to round poles, concrete, brick and any mounting surface. Some other added benefits of the TwoFold windshield are its large capacity washer bucket that requires refilling less often, easy to clean with water and mild detergent which results in cost savings labor and time.

Your customers will benefit from the user friendliness of the TwoFold pole mount windshield and your forecourt will look renewed and more appealing with the addition of this attractive unit. For more information call 816-813-3337.

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