Top Women in Grocery Podcast: Don't Get on Earth Fare's 'Boot List'

Laurie Aker talks about the grocer's mission to help educate its shoppers about the benefits of eating natural and organic foods

Laurie Aker, Earth Fare's director of marketing, joins the TWIG Podcast to discuss how the grocer is educating its shoppers about the benefits of eating natural and organic foods. The episode delves into the heart and soul of Earth Fare — its unique food philosophy and its Boots List (Spoiler: Companies do not want to make this list). 

To help its mission to become a destination for education, Laurie talks about two exciting new partnerships for the healthy grocer. One involves actress Zooey Deschanel and her rewards app company Merryfield. Earth Fare became the first grocer in the nation to partner with Merryfield’s Learn & Earn program. Through the program, shoppers earn points that can later be redeemed for gift cards and other rewards, and they can also earn cash back on participating brands by simply scanning their grocery receipt.

In another first, Earth Fare recently partnered with GenoPalate, a provider of personalized nutrition science. As a result, Earth Fare shoppers will be able to gain DNA-based dietary insights to optimize their individual health. Laurie gives a preview of what phase two of this innovative partnership entails. The partnership is the first between a grocery retailer and GenoPalate. 

And don't miss how "grassroots guerilla marketing" is helping Laurie spread Earth Fare’s message!


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