Sunions Tearless Onions

Sunions Tearless Onions

Sunions, America’s first tearless onion, are back in stores. The brand is grown domestically in Nevada, Utah and Washington state, using an all-natural cross-breeding program to ensure a tearless, sweet and mild onion with a distinct crunch. Once Sunions are harvested, they follow a tightly controlled flavor protocol and are tested throughout storage until they reach maximum tearlessness and peak flavor. The product of nearly 30 years of research and development via natural plant-breeding methods, Sunions are marketed and distributed exclusively by Onions 52 and Peri & Sons Farms. Suggested retail prices, which will differ by region, are as follows: 2-pound bag, $2.99; 3-pound bag, $3.99; and 5-pound bag, $5.99.



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