Southeastern Grocers Implements Money-Back Guarantee on Private Label Items

Program aims to get shoppers to try SE Grocers brand and save money as consumer goods prices continue to rise
Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor, Store Brands
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Southeastern Grocers Implements Money-Back Guarantee on Private Label Items
Grocer’s private label SE Grocers provides lower everyday prices on high-quality products.

As product prices rise across the grocery store, Southeastern Grocers introduced a private brand campaign to induce trial of its lower-priced SE Grocers store brand products — and it’s giving shoppers their money back if they don’t approve.

The money-back guarantee campaign is for more than 8,000 products under its SE Grocers brand and accompanying lines like SE Grocers Prestige, SE Grocers Essentials and SE Grocers Naturally Better products. Southeastern Grocers said it guarantees to have lower everyday prices across its store brand products and developed the money-back program to help shoppers save money during a time when prices of goods are sitting at a 13-year high.

"At Southeastern Grocers, our associates and customers are at the focus of everything we do, which is why we continuously work to improve our offerings to provide the highest quality products at a great price,” said Gayle Shields, VP of pharmacy and own brands for Southeastern Grocers. “With more than 8,000 products available through our SE Grocers, Prestige, Essentials and Naturally Better product lines, we encourage our customers to try it, love it or get your money back.”

Southeastern Grocers said a recent internal consumer survey found that 99% of customers perceive SE Grocers products as equal to or better than similar products from national brands, highlighting award-winning items such as SE Grocers Prestige Raspberry Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, SE Grocers Apple Caramel Drizzle Pie and SE Grocers Naturally Better Organic Strawberry Preserves.

Additionally, the retailer, during the month of August, will match all customer purchases of its SE Grocers cereal products with a cereal donation up to $50,000 to encourage a strong start for students preparing for a new school year, and Winn-Dixie customers can earn more money through Aug. 10 as part of Twinn Week.

The event is Winn-Dixie’s official holiday set around BOGOs, where more than 1,000 products, including many SE Grocers items, are given BOGO opportunities. Shoppers taking part in the event can donate their free item to the store’s local food bank or give an additional donation to the food back.

Aplenty, the store brand from Amazon and its Amazon Fresh stores, similarly offers a money-back guarantee called its Delicious Guarantee. Aldi also made an effort to lower prices this summer as inflation began to take hold.

Jacksonville, Florida-based Southeastern Grocers is one of the largest conventional supermarket companies in the United States, with grocery stores, liquor stores and in-store pharmacies serving communities throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina. The company is No. 43 on The PG 100, PG’s 2021 list of the top food and consumables retailers in North America. Seattle-based Amazon is No. 2 on The PG 100, while Batavia, Ill.-based Aldi U.S. is No. 24.  

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