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Schweid & Sons Pork Breakfast Patties

Premium beef purveyor now moves into pork sausage segment
Schweid & Sons Pork Breakfast Patties Main Image

After more than a century as purveyors of premium beef, family-owned Schweid & Sons has now entered the premium sausage segment with fresh pork breakfast patties in three popular flavors: Original, containing a savory blend of spices such as fennel, parsley, garlic and onion; Italian, featuring fennel, rosemary and sage; and Apple, offering a sweet and savory blend with real pieces of apple that can be seen and tasted, finished with a touch of cinnamon. Sourced from humanely raised U.S. pork that contains no antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones, Schweid & Sons sausage patties are made without fillers, nitrates, nitrites, or artificial flavors or colors. Each 12-ounce package contains eight 1.5-ounce patties and has a suggested retail price of $6.49. They can currently be found in the fresh meat aisle at select markets throughout the Northeast, with expanded distribution anticipated throughout the rest of the year.




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