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Sara Lee Artesano Hawaiian Bread and Buns

Brand offered sweepstakes along with portfolio expansion
Sara Lee Artesano Hawaiian Bread and Buns Main Image

Sara Lee, a brand of Bimbo Bakeries USA, has added Hawaiian Bakery Bread and Buns to its popular Artesano product line. Both the sliced bread and the buns offer the sweet flavor profile of Hawaiian baked goods, thanks to premium ingredients with a tropical twist. Baked without artificial flavors and preservatives, as well as no high-fructose corn syrup, these latest additions to the Artesano portfolio provide not only indulgent flavor, but also a gourmet restaurant experience at home, according to Sara Lee. Miami residents were able to sample the products at the Sara Lee Artesano Hawaiian Taste of Paradise pop-up event on May 17, with one attendee randomly selected to win a trip to Hawaii. The brand teamed with Hawaii-based chef and culinary celebrity Lee Anne Wong to design the event’s menu and contributed $10,000 to help fund her philanthropic efforts to rebuild Lahaina, which was devastated during the Maui wildfires. Sara Lee Artesano Hawaiian Bread – known as Alfaro's Artesano Hawaiian Bread in California – is now available at major food retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price $4.59 per 20-ounce loaf. Sara Lee Artesano Hawaiian Buns, available exclusively in the Southeast, retail for a suggested $4.49 per 19-ounce package of eight buns.

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