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Restaurants Launch Meal Delivery Platform

Restaurants Launch Meal Delivery Platform Feastin Bay Area
With Feastin, Bay Area residents can now order from various regional restaurants, as well as local restaurant suppliers and farmers. Credit: Hannah Wagner

The latest delivery option, Feastin, has made its debut in the Bay Area. Created by local restaurateurs, the service delivers restaurant prepared meals, meal kits, desserts and alcohol from the region’s best restaurants, and offers up to 70% savings on grocery staples from area purveyors and farmers.

A single 20% fee covers contactless delivery throughout the Bay Area, service, tax and a tip for the company’s full-time drivers, all of whom are food handler-certified and wear masks.

“2020 devastated the restaurant industry in ways no one could have ever predicted and forever changed the way people eat and cook at home,” said Sebastiaan Van De Rijt, a restauranteur who co-founded Feastin with Hannah Wagner. “Even the most exclusive restaurants started selling meal kits, prepared foods and specialty provisions in order to survive. These restaurants have to rely on doing their own deliveries or working with third-party platforms that take up to 30% of their profits. Feastin is a commission-free platform built to help restaurants thrive and grow revenue opportunities.”

Since restaurant suppliers and farmers are also suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic, Feastin is providing new direct-to-consumer opportunities for them. The service doesn’t charge commissions or retail fees, so suppliers don’t need to upcharge their prices, which in turn saves customers as much as 70% on premium grocery staples.

“Michelin Star restaurants and purveyors expressed their excitement about Feastin finally filling a void in the delivery space, with our high standards of white glove service for them and customers,” said Wagner, co-founder and chief product officer. “Our goal is to build a community and collective, not just a delivery platform. We highlight our partners’ stories on their customized brand pages and work collaboratively with them on marketing so their businesses thrive on Feastin. We’re helping restaurants and purveyors reach customers that don’t usually have delivery access to them, and we’re invested in every part of the delivery experience and process.”

Diners across the Bay Area can now order from various regional restaurants, among them Pinoy Heritage, alaMar, 620 Jones, Atelier Crenn, Che Fico, Zero Zero and Izzy’s Steakhouse.

To order from Feastin, users choose restaurant meals and/or grocery staples and then choose a delivery date. The items are delivered fresh within two days anywhere in the Bay Area. Consumers can choose from such meal-kit offerings as Michelin-star, ramen, steak dinners and barbecue fare; grocery staples like baked goods, cheeses, produce and meats; prepared foods such as roast chicken, dumplings, pizza and lasagna; alcoholic beverages like cocktails, fine wine, local beer and party kits; and desserts that include macarons, pies, pastries and churro kits.

Working with Feastin Executive Chef Eric Hopfinger, restaurant partners create and adapt existing meal kits and prepared foods to home delivery without compromising the item’s quality.

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