Re: THINK Collagen Ice Cream

Re: THINK Collagen Ice Cream

In its quest to balance a healthy lifestyle with the ability to enjoy an authentic frozen treat, Re:THINK Ice Cream has unveiled its most recent packaging rebrand and reformulation, adding both collagen and A2/A2 dairy to the ingredient list. According to the company, the already low-sugar, -carb, -calorie and -fat product has now also become the first and only dairy ice cream that’s completely lactose- and A1 protein-free, meaning that the millions of consumers who respond adversely to dairy will be able to eat a bowlful without any stomach issues. Collagen, meanwhile, offers many health benefits, including improved skin elasticity, stronger hair and nails, and enhanced metabolism. The diabetic- and keto-friendly, gluten-free ice cream continues to feature only all-natural ingredients and no sugar alcohols. Along with the reformulation, Re:THINK now boasts revamped packaging with updated front-panel attributes. Re:THINK Ice Cream’s 12 flavors areAlmond with Chocolate Flakes, Black Cherry Vanilla, Cardamom Pistachio, Chocolate Orange with Almond Butter, Chocolate Majesty, Coconut Matcha, Coffee Hazelnut, Lemon with Poppy Seed, Mint with Chocolate Flakes, Strawberry with Chia Seed, Turmeric Ginger and Vanilla Supreme. A 14-fluid-ounce carton retails for a suggested $6.99.



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