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Raley’s Brings Sugar Awareness Campaign to Pasta Sauces

Raley’s Brings Sugar Awareness Campaign to Pasta Sauces
Raley's pasta sauce aisle now features educational signage and shelf tags on added sugar in the category's products

As part of its campaign to raise awareness of sugar content in products at its stores, Raley’s is now highlighting the amount of added sugar in pasta sauces via educational signage and enhanced product tags. The tags spotlight sauces with fewer than 5% or more than 25% of total calories coming from added sugar.

About two-thirds of the “Better for You” pasta sauce brands Raley’s carries have 5% or fewer calories coming from added sugar. Further, more than 50 products are eligible for a special shelf guide tag denoting them as items with no added sugar.

“Raley’s is helping customers navigate their personal health journeys by continuing to increase transparency around added sugar in different categories throughout our stores,” explained Yvette Waters, Raley’s nutrition strategist and brand influencer. “We know these types of changes to the aisles can help customers make more informed decisions at the shelves and influence purchase choices.”

The company introduced its sugar awareness campaign last year by revamping the layout and promotion of cold cereal, and plans to expand initiative to other categories in the near future.

Customers who wish to avoid sugar altogether can make use of the recently relaunched label transparency tool Raley’s Shelf Guide. The grocer’s No Sugar Added icon, just one of 23 appearing on store tags and online, enables shoppers to find products completely free of any added sugar when shopping in stores and online. Raley’s also offers educational content on added sugar and its health effects on its website and social media channels.

Privately owned and family-operated Raley’s operates 129 stores under five banners: Raley’s, Bel Air Markets, Nob Hill Foods, Food Source, and Market 5-ONE-5. The company is No. 27 on Progressive Grocer’s 2019 Super 50 list of the top grocers in the United States.

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