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PuraVida Foods KidsLife™

PuraVida Foods is bringing innovation to children’s foods with PuraVida KidsLife™ by bringing families a new line of nutritionally superior children’s meals. This line of products features familiar favorites kids love but with all the vitamins and nutrients you expect from all natural ingredients. Through the use of our proprietary cryogenic freezing process, we preserve the colors, textures, nutrients, and flavors expected from farm fresh ingredients into convenient ready-to-eat kids meals. We never use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and ensure that our KidsLife™ products are designed with growing bodies in mind! Packed in 7.5oz sustainable packaging made from sugar cane fiber bowls for an extra level of convenience, they are ready-to-eat in under 5 minutes! 

This line is formulated with minimally processed farm fresh ingredients and clean label seasonings that come together to provide a nutritionally delicious meal perfect for kids! 

PuraVida Foods is focused on bringing consumers health-conscious products inspired by the foods kids love just redesigned with nutrition and development in mind. Many of the products are Gluten-Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, and/or Vegan. We invite you to try the PuraVida difference! 

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