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The Program Built to Sharpen Up Your Sales

Introducing the Chairman’s Reserve® Prime Pork Certified Butcher Program

Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork represents our best of the best. With the strictest specifications in key areas that determine quality pork: marbling, color and pH, our pork’s optimal scoring delivers your customers an unsurpassed eating experience every time.

And the Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork customers? They’re a true meat department’s dream. These are customers who want the best, they’re willing to pay for it – and they’re counting on you to deliver. That’s where the Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork Certified Butcher Program comes in.

Free of charge and available exclusively to retailers who carry Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork, we provide superior training centered on product knowledge, attributes and history of our brand.

Participating stores receive exclusive demonstrations, merchandising strategies and continued education. Successful completion of the training also entitles participants to exclusive high-quality merchandise.

A distinction in product paired with a distinction in service: the Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork Certified Butcher Program is an upgrade that lets customers know they’re in for an eating experience they won’t soon forget.

To learn more about what Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork will bring to your business, visit: b2b.chairmansprimepork.com.

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