Preserve Shelf Life & Reduce Freezer Energy 35%

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Temperature fluctuations in distribution center and walk-in freezers can cause micro-thawing and crystallization of various components inside frozen food. As various internal components thaw and then slowly refreeze large ice crystals can form damaging cellular structure and decreasing food quality and shelf life.

Viking Cold’s Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology absorbs up to 85% of heat that infiltrates freezers to hold temperatures more stable, protect food, and allow for new cost-effective refrigeration run time strategies. Their TES systems optimize existing low-temperature refrigeration equipment to decrease energy consumption and shift time-of-use to reduce operating expenses.

These TES systems leverage the heat transfer properties of phase change material (PCM) combined with intelligent controls and a 24/7 remote monitoring and notification portal to maintain stable temperatures and preserve frozen food shelf life.

A large well-known international grocery chain invited Viking Cold Solutions™ to conduct a measurement and verification study of its TES technology in a typical grocery store freezer. 

The results across multiple scenarios showed 70-85% load reduction, 38% more stable temperatures, and 60% reduction of peak period refrigeration run time.

Watch the video and read the full case study to learn how grocery freezers and distribution centers can reduce their energy costs up to 35%.