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PHOTOS: A Look Inside the New Amazon Go Grocery

PHOTOS: A Look Inside Amazon Go Grocery

PHOTOS: A Look Inside the Amazon Go Grocery

Amazon is resetting the expectations of urban grocery shoppers at its new cashierless Go Grocery concept in downtown Seattle.

Billed as the first grocery store with Just Walk Out Shopping technology, the 10,700-square-foot store at 610 E. Pike Street opened on Feb. 25, offering an assortment geared toward city dwellers with small households. This merchandising strategy is evident from the breadth of categories offered, which is comparable to a typical suburban supermarket, but with an assortment that's highly curated and localized, and features smaller pack sizes within categories.

Expectations for how things would go were apparently high, because the store was bustling with activity during Progressive Grocer's visit which began at 4:37 p.m. and lasted for two hours, 19 minutes and 53 seconds.

See photos from inside below, and for more on the visit and a conversation with Ken Bang, the national leader for Amazon Go, visit our sister publication Retail Leader

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