Perfect Potatoes Easy-Prep Bite-Sized Potatoes

The Perfect Potato from Robinson Fresh and Albert Bartlett is a line of bite-sized, creamy potatoes responding to consumer demand for potatoes that come in convenient packaging and require no prep work – simply heat and eat. The bite-sized, prewashed potatoes come in three sizes: 1.5-pound pouches, 5-pound pouches and 1-pound microwavable trays. The 1-pound microwavable trays include seasoning pairings with each of the following:

  • Radiant Red – red potatoes paired with a Zesto Pesto spice packet, combining pesto with a pinch of Italian spices
  • Yummy Yellow – yellow potatoes are matched up with a Steakhouse Sizzle spice packet: a blend of salt, cracked pepper and traditional steakhouse flavors
  • Perfect Pair – red and yellow potatoes are paired with a packet of Little Italy seasoning, which includes aromatic garlic and Italian herbs
  • Marvelous Medley – red, yellow and purple potatoes are combined with a Hawaiian Red Sea Salt seasoning pack

The bite-sized, creamy and ready-to-eat potatoes are grown and developed with potato growers who are passionate about their crop and have a quality-first, consumer-focused mindset. They retail for a suggested $3.99-$4.99 per bag.

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