Oddlygood Oat Yogurt

Oddlygood Oat Yogurt
Credit: Valio USA

Valio USA is slated to begin U.S. production of Oddlygood Oat Yogurt from Finland in early 2022 in Northern California. The four-flavor yogurt line, currently sold in five Nordic countries, will be produced in the United States with oats from Canada. Valio recently featured the products at the Plant Based World trade show and conference in New York. Known for its Finlandia brand of cheeses and butter in the United States, Helsinki-based Valio Group created the alternative yogurts as part of its growing portfolio of plant-based products under the playful brand name Oddlygood. The brand’s other offerings in the Nordic countries, all made with simple ingredients, include oat beverages, cream alternatives, and plant-based sliced and shredded plant-based cheeses. The yogurt flavors are Plain, Vanilla, Blueberry and Raspberry. Each yogurt has 3 grams of protein per serving and contains live and active cultures, with calorie counts ranging from 110 to 120 per container. The yogurts are made from a blend of water, gluten-free oat flour, cane sugar, pea protein and other ingredients depending on the flavor, and are enriched with B12 and D2 vitamins and calcium. They come in single-serve containers in 5.3-ounce cups retailing for $1.99 each, and are shipped in 12-pack cases. Additionally, Oddlygood plant-based cheeses for foodservice are now available in the United States.

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