Natural Grocers Introducing 6-Week Keto Diet

Natural Grocers Introducing 6-Week Keto Diet
Natural Grocers will roll out a free six-week Keto Diet program for its second annual Resolution Reset Day, on Jan. 18

To help customers stick to their health and nutrition goals on the occasion of what it's dubbed Resolution Reset Day – Friday, Jan. 18 – Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage Inc. will offer a six-week Keto Reset program.

Based on Mark Sisson’s “The Keto Reset Diet” book, the program consists of a series of classes introducing participants to the Ketogenic (Keto) Diet, with guidance and support as they follow the regimen. 

“Natural Grocers customers are increasingly curious about the benefits of the Keto Diet, and we believe, with the right support and guidance, it can have immense benefits to your health," noted EVP Heather Isely. “Natural Grocers’ Nutritional Health Coaches are qualified and equipped with the training and tools necessary to support customers through the six-week Keto Reset program and throughout the entire year.”

Proponents of the Keto Diet say that it aids in maintaining a healthy weight and metabolism, boosts mental clarity and focus, and supports healthy energy levels, among other benefits.

In 2018, Natural Grocers held its inaugural Resolution Reset Day to help Americans keep their New Year's health-and-wellness resolutions. The grocer provides nutritional health coaching year-round, at no charge, to all customers. In-store Nutritional Health Coaches also offer free nutrition classes, cooking demonstrations, and personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions.

“On Resolution Reset Day 2019, Natural Grocers customers are invited to stock up on items needed to reset their resolutions the right way, including 100 percent organic produce; meat that is humanely raised without antibiotics, hormones or other growth promoters; 100 percent free-range eggs; pasture-based dairy; the highest-quality dietary supplements; and more,” said Isely.

Customers can also take advantage of the following activities and deals:

  • In-store samples of keto-friendly Berry Coconut Cream Delight
  • 30 percent off the retail price of “The Keto Reset Diet.”
  • Free Natural Grocers reusable shopping bag with purchase.
  • Hot Deals 3-day sale Jan 17-19.
  • Special {N}power-only (loyalty program) offers such as a free Kicao chocolate bar and $5 off customers’ purchase on Feb. 2, when they spend $53

Lakewood, Colo.-based Natural Grocers has more than 3,500 employees and operates 151 stores in 19 states.

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