Mixmi Frozen Yogurt

Mixmi Frozen Yogurt Main Image

Already available at elementary, middle and high schools across the country, premium functional frozen yogurt brand Mixmi is now available at major grocery stores across the United States. Created to help support digestion and gut health, Mixmi froyo contains both prebiotic fiber and probiotic organisms that work together, resulting in a more effective combination than either fiber or probiotics alone, according to the brand. The frozen treat is fermented with six live and active cultures offering billions of probiotics per cup, while the added prebiotic fiber feeds the helpful probiotics naturally found in the gut. Mixmi’s star probiotic is Bifidobacterium, a.k.a. BB-12, which 180-plus clinical studies indicate may have beneficial effects on the immune and gastrointestinal systems. Boasting just 90 calories per serving, the product comes in the following flavors at retail: Ultimate Chocolate, Orange Dream, Más Mango, Mint Chocolate, Totally Vanilla and Vanilla Cupcake. A 4-pack of 4-fluid-ounce cups retails for a suggested $4.99.




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