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Lunds & Byerly’s Adopts Food Waste Solution

Phood helps grocer adjust daily deli food bar offerings
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Based on the initial results of Lunds & Byerly's partnership with Phood Solutions, the food retailer anticipates further reducing its annual food waste by almost 150,000 pounds.

Twin Cities independent grocer Lunds & Byerlys now has the ability to more precisely track and reduce food waste at its deli food bars through a partnership with Phood Solutions. Based on initial results, the food retailer anticipates further reducing its annual food waste by almost 150,000 pounds.

With a scale, computer vision and artificial intelligence supplied by New York-based Phood, Lunds & Byerlys associates can quickly and easily scan and weigh food as it’s added to the food bar, and then again before any food is thrown out. Using Phood’s robust reporting, the grocer can make necessary adjustments to its daily food offerings to ensure that considerably less food is wasted and that customers receive the right items at the right time.

“We are deeply committed to providing our customers with a wide variety of fresh, high-quality food options while also being good environmental stewards,” said Katie Swenson, director of deli operations at Edina, Minn.-based Lunds & Byerlys. “Phood provides us a tremendous tool to track our waste so we can make smarter decisions about the quantity of each offering on our expansive food bars.”

Lunds & Byerlys is the first Twin Cities retailer to implement Phood’s solution as another way to minimize food waste. Through the grocer’s projected food waste reductions with Phood, along with its partnership with Second Harvest Heartland’s Food Rescue Program and food donations to local pig farmers, Lunds & Byerlys is keeping nearly 6 million pounds of food from being wasted annually.

“Being from the Twin Cities myself, it’s particularly exciting to bring this program into Lunds & Byerlys,” said Max Mliner, Phood’s director of operations. “Since installation, every level of the organization has been incredibly engaged – eager to achieve substantial waste reductions while ensuring the highest-quality food is offered to customers. We look forward to continue working with such an enthusiastic partner and building on this success together.”

Family-owned Lunds & Byerly’s operates 28 locations throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding region. 

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