Lunds & Byerlys Uses Inventory Science to Ensure Item Availability

Minnesota high-end grocer installs Itasca Magic at all of its 27 locations
Marian Zboraj
Digital Editor
Marian Zboraj
Lunds & Byerlys Uses Inventory Science to Ensure Item Availability
Lunds & Byerlys is applying store-level inventory science to ensure shoppers find desired items.

Lunds & Byerlys is making sure that its shoppers can always find their desired products in stock by implementing Itasca Magic computer-generated ordering (CGO) and inventory optimization solution in all of its retail locations.

Created by Itasca Retail Information Systems Inc., Itasca Magic software uses historical sales data and current shelf and selling conditions to calculate the exact right order amounts for tens of thousands of items in the store at any time of day. This ensures that each store always has the right stock levels to fulfill shopper demand for every item in its assortment.

According to the company, the system combines sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with deep understanding of the North American grocery replenishment process, to generate impressive gains in sales and productivity. It simultaneously reduces inventory, shrink, product handling and vendor credits.

Lunds & Byerlys, the Minnepolis-based family-owned grocer, operates 27 stores across the Twin Cities.

“The Lunds & Byerlys name is synonymous with a robust selection of quality products, exceptional customer service and passionate expertise,” said Curtis Funk, SVP of merchandising. “We selected Itasca Magic for its track record [of] enabling grocers to maintain and enhance these qualities by being in stock on all products, all the time.”

Funk continued: “The solution minimizes human intervention in the all-important ordering process. This means our staff will be even freer to engage with our shoppers going forward while still satisfying their everyday grocery needs.”

“I’ve observed personally how the Lunds & Byerlys chain has evolved over the years as a standout regional operator,” said Jeff Kennedy, Itasca Retail’s president and co-founder. “Itasca Retail is honored to have been selected to help this fine retailer optimize store inventories and stay reliably in stock on the unique assortment they bring to their customers.”

Kennedy added: “We welcome Lunds & Byerlys as a valued customer and look forward to a long-term relationship assisting them to remain the preferred destination for their loyal shoppers.”

West Des Moines, Iowa-based Itasca Retail Information Systems invents and builds solutions for inventory management, direct store delivery, CGO and associated data management. Its inventory optimization solutions include merchandise forecasting, perpetual inventory and the handheld devices that support store execution processes.

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