Lala Licuado

Lala Licuado

Adding to its product portfolio, Lala U.S. is rolling out authentic licuados to dairy cases at Walmart and Hispanic specialty grocers this month. Containing oats and real milk and fruits, the product line is based on the classic Mexican breakfast beverage – blended like a smoothie but not as thick – sold at outdoor stands for folks on the go. Lala Licuado comes in Papaya, award-winning Mango-Carrot and Vanilla Honey flavors, with each bottle featuring 8 grams of protein and offering a good source of fiber and vitamins A and D. The launch of the licuados is the latest in a series of authentic Mexican cheese and dairy products recently introduced by Lala, including dessert yogurt smoothies and fruit and crema desserts. A 4-pack of 6.7-fluid-ounce bottles of any Lala Licuados variety retails for a suggested $5.60, line priced with the brand’s core drinkable yogurt smoothie products.


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