Kingsford Signature Flavors

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Kingsford Signature Flavors, an innovative line of charcoal briquets, pellets and flavor boosters, enables consumers to infuse the grilling experience with rich, full-bodied flavors and aromas. Made with 100% real spices, the line provides customizable flavor in three SKUs: Garlic Onion Paprika, featuring an earthy base of garlic paired with the mildly sweet notes of onion and warmth of paprika; Basil Sage Thyme, offering a peppery blend of basil offset by mellow hits of herbaceous sage and earthy thyme; and Cumin Chili, built on a warm, hearty foundation of cumin, with a spicy jolt of chili heat. Available at retailers nationwide in a range of sizes, Signature Flavors retails for a suggested range of $9.99-$11.99 per 8-pound bag of briquets and $13.99-$15.99 per 12-pound bag of briquets, $19.99-$22.99 for per 17-pound of hardwood pellets, and  $7.99-$8.99 per 2-pound bag of flavor boosters. Kingsford is a brand of The Clorox Co.



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