Industry Members Form Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association

Trade org to create leadership structure, increase access to such products
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Industry Members Form Adult Non-alcoholic Beverage Association Mocktails
Mocktails are among the nonalcoholic adult beverages gaining in popularity.

To foster further growth in the already booming adult nonalcoholic beverage category, which encompasses beer, wine, spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails, and to ensure consumer access to a wide range of high-quality nonalcoholic beverages, industry leaders have come together to create the Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association (ANBA).

According to Global Market Insights, the global market for nonalcoholic drinks is expected to increase to $30 billion by 2025. In the United States, nonalcoholic spirits skyrocketed 113.4% in the past year, when compared with the year before. Nonalcoholic beer was behind 31.7% of that growth, while nonalcoholic wines accounted for 39.4%, NielsenIQ found.

Despite this exponential growth, there was no single unifying voice for the industry, which faced such challenges as the absence of universal regulations, industry standards, guidelines for international trade and market expansion, and a central entity providing education for all stakeholders: consumers, retailers, suppliers and complementary industries. To address these issues, ANBA was formed this past July by entrepreneurs and more than 40 of the industry’s leading brands in various segments of adult nonalcoholic beverages, among them beer, wine, spirits, ready-to-drink cocktails and mixers. The organization will work to support a community of industry leaders and create a platform that educates and engages drinkers, trade allies, the media and government stakeholders.

“The Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association seeks to promote, protect and grow the non-alcoholic beverage industry by providing a central voice that serves our members as well as raise awareness of the overall industry,” explained Marcos Salazar, CEO of New York-based ANBA. “This is an exciting time for adult nonalcoholic beverage manufacturers, and we are ready to provide support and fuel further consumer growth.” 

ANBA aims to accomplish these goals through:

  • Educating and engaging all stakeholders to ramp up industry growth
  • Developing industry and regulation compliance standards
  • Devising advocacy, policy and government affairs strategies that protect and support members
  • Providing the latest industry insights and trends
  • Leveraging collective buying power for member discounts on business tools and services
  • Offering professional development, networking and business support to members

“Creating ANBA is a critical step for the adult nonalcoholic beverage industry, because no one company can shape a vibrant, forward-thinking industry alone,” noted ANBA Board Chair and Athletic Brewing Co-Founder Bill Shufelt. “The industry has an incredible opportunity to not only grow the marketplace, but ensure that all adult nonalcoholic beverages offer quality experiences and meet industry standards. This is another big step forward to destigmatize the nonalcoholic beverage industry.”

Among the founding brands of ANBA are Acid League, All The Bitter, AL’s, Amethyst Spirits, Athletic Brewing Co., Atmos Brewing Co., Best Day Brewing, Betera, The Bitter Housewife, Buonafide 0.0, Ceria Brewing Co., Discoe Beverages, DistillX Beverages Inc., Dry Botanical Bubbly, Ferm Fatale, For Bitter For Worse, The Free Spirits Co., Go Brewing, Grüvi, H2Ops Sparkling Hop Water, Hairless Dog Brewing Co., Hella Cocktail Co., Isn’t Drinks, Kul Mocks, Leader Brewing, Libra, Lyre’s, Mingle Beverage Co., Mocktail Club, Mocktails, One For The Road Brewing, Partake Brewing, Rally Brewing Co., Rightside Brewing, Ritual Zero Proof, Rock Grace, Seir Hill, SipC, Spiritless, Spirity Cocktails, Starla Wines, Teetotaler Wines, Thomson & Scott Noughty, Top Note Tonic, Töst, WellBeing Brewing Co., Wilderton Botanical Distillate and Woodnose.

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