How One Food Brand Is Taking on Shrinkflation

Scott & Jon's increases the size of its seafood meals without increasing the price
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Scott & Jon's
Scott & Jon's is enlarging the portion sizes of its Garlic Butter Shrimp frozen meals without raising the price.

One food brand is taking on shrinkflation following President Biden’s critique of food manufacturers shrinking their products.

Scott & Jon's, a provider of healthy seafood meals, is now shipping larger portions of its popular shrimp bowls while maintaining pricing at the store to uphold its commitment to fight shrinkflation. Late last month, stores began receiving shrimp bowls with 20% more product, going from 8.0 ounces to 9.6 ounces. The newly launched salmon bowl line also features 9.6 ounces of premium seafood and other high-quality ingredients. 

By maintaining the same price point while offering more product in every bowl, the company aims to ensure that its customers can continue to enjoy nutritious seafood meals without feeling shortchanged.

"At Scott & Jon's, we prioritize the satisfaction of our consumers above all else,” said Jon Demers, co-founder of Scott & Jon's. “By increasing the size of our bowls without increasing the price, we are demonstrating our commitment to providing exceptional value and quality. We refuse to compromise on either, even in the face of industry challenges like shrinkflation. Our consumers deserve the best."

Consumers continue to be frustrated with high grocery bills. The latest CPI data shows that food prices remain elevated. The CPI for food at home rose 0.4% last month, following several months of slight increases in the 0.2% range. Four of the six groups within grocery experienced higher inflation in January, including nonalcoholic beverages (up 1.2%), fruits and vegetables (up 0.4%), dairy and related products (up 0.2%), and “other” food at home, such as sugar and sweets, fats, and oils (up 0.6%).  

On a year-over-year (YoY) basis, grocery inflation is up 1.2% from the first month of 2023. While elevated, that rate is decidedly lower than the 5.1% YoY increase in the foodservice sector. 

Meanwhile, Scott & Jon's hopes to keep its customers satisfied in the freezer aisle. The increased-size shrimp and salmon bowls are beginning to ship to retailers nationwide. Actual shipment dates will vary by retailer, depending upon existing inventories. Consumers can expect to see the larger portions on shelves and online platforms in the coming weeks.

Founded by brothers Scott and Jon Demers, Scott & Jon's is an Auburn, Maine-based company dedicated to transforming the frozen food aisle with its premium seafood meals. Inspired by family recipes, the Demers set out to create meals that are both delicious and healthy, challenging the notion that convenient meals had to be bland or nutritionally lacking.

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