Hope Foods Hummus and Dip Refresh

Brand now boasts updated packaging, plastic neutrality, enhanced nutrients in signature product
Hope Foods Lid Original Recipe Hummus Main Image

Organic hummus brand Hope Foods has unveiled a refreshed look for its signature food offering and non-GMO plant-based dip lineup. The updated packaging reflects the company’s vibrant flavor and highlights its Plastic Neutral certification from rePurpose Global. Also beginning this month, all Hope Foods organic hummus products will also contain organic flaxseed oil, thus enhancing the products’ functional benefits. Flaxseed oil has a neutral flavor and provides flexitarians with a source of plant-based omega-3s. The brand’s organic hummus line boasts a variety of unique flavor profiles, among them Sea Salt & Olive Oil, Spicy Avocado, Black Garlic and Thai Coconut Curry. Each batch is cold-pressed, a process that applies extremely high pressure to protect it from bacteria and other pathogens without the need for high-heat pasteurization or chemicals. This results in hummus and plant-based dips brimming with fresh flavor and micronutrients that aren’t dulled by pasteurization and heat. Hope Foods’ hummus and dips retail for a suggested $4.75 per 8-ounce cup. All of the company’s products are Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten-Free, OU-certified kosher, and dairy- and soy-free. 


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