Happy Egg Co® Heritage Breed Free Range Eggs

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Happy Egg Co® Heritage Breed Free Range Eggs

DELICIOUS FLAVOR, LUSCIOUS COLOR: The deep orange-amber yolks stand up and stand out, telling you right away that the nutritious diet and healthy free-range roaming we allow our hens leads directly to the best possible eggs for you.

FOR YOUR HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL RECIPES: The protein-packed power of fresh eggs from Happy Egg turn beautiful in any egg recipe or dish, from sunny-side-up or over-easy breakfast eggs, to egg salads, to rancho huevos and so much more.

GET RAVES FROM YOUR FAMILY OR GUESTS: Bake up colorful, tasty new dishes or re-work old favorites into stunning and unique options. Heritage Eggs give your meals eye appeal PLUS the nutrition and health to wow the crowd.

SPECIAL BREEDS: Heritage eggs come from 2 breeds unique to Happy Egg: the Speckled Legbar (sky blue shells), and Copper Maran (chocolatey brown shells); they're free range hens raised with love on pastured, family farms in Missouri and Arkansas.

HAPPY HENS = BETTER EGGS: Because they're free range, our hens get more space, access to fresh water, a nutrition-rich diet, and more time outdoors to perch, play, and socialize -- that all leads to healthier birds and healthier eggs for you.