Grocery Shopii Introduces Recipe Media

Pioneering tech enables brands to sponsor content across retailers' marketing channels
Grocery Shopii Recipe Media Main Image
Grocery Shopii's Recipe Media solution gives brands a unique way to sponsor recipe content across a retailer’s earned and owned marketing channels.

Shoppable recipe technology company Grocery Shopii has now rolled out Recipe Media. The retail media solution gives brands a unique way to sponsor recipe content across a retailer’s earned and owned marketing channels. Grocery Shopii’s proprietary meal-planning platform is the launchpad for Recipe Media, enabling sponsored recipes to be deployed online or in-store via websites, social media, circulars and in-store signage, with the aim of boosting sales and selling more product.

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Recipe Media features include:

  • Seamless Incorporation: Retailers can activate the white-label meal-planning platform without an e-commerce integration.
  • Visual Storytelling: Recipe content sourced by food brands is embedded in emails, circulars and social media posts.
  • Pantry Checking: Users can uncheck ingredients already on hand, streamlining the shopping process.
  • Frictionless Checkout: Meals are added to lists or carts with one click.

According to Grocery Shopii, shoppers in pilot programs who enter the meal-planning platform via email ads see higher print and higher push-to-cart rates than average, and Facebook recipe posts powered by Grocery Shopii drove a 247-fold increase in Comments, a 135-fold increase in Shares and a 15-fold increase in Likes versus the same retailer’s non-recipe posts. 

 “For years, brands have clamored for the opportunity to present their products at the moment when shoppers are making purchase decisions,” said Katie Hotze, founder and CEO of Charlotte, N.C.-based Grocery Shopii. “Recipe Media brings it all together by empowering brands with the digital capability to feature products in recipes within a retailer’s shopping experience.  Now their product gets added directly into the cart and the shopper will have the most optimal experience with their product as part of a recipe.”

Added Hotze: “Our clients find that Grocery Shopii users display a fivefold increase in website visits, 30% larger cart sizes and enhanced shopper loyalty. Shoppers easily go from finding a recipe on the retailer’s Facebook page, for example, to adding it to their shopping list or cart in a single click.”

More than 250 stores, 30 brands and 25,000 active shoppers use Grocery Shopii’s meal-planning technology. The company will demonstrate Recipe Media live at the Groceryshop Conference in Las Vegas, which starts Sept. 19.

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