Gopuff and GetUpside Form Partnership

Instant-needs platform's delivery partners get access to exclusive cash-back promos at 45K locations
Julio Sanchez
Gopuff GetUpside Logos Main Image
U.S. delivery partners of Gopuff can get exclusive cash-back promotions at one of the 45,000 retail locations in GetUpside’s network. 

Retail technology company GetUpside has formed a partnership with quick-commerce platform Gopuff that will enable U.S. delivery partners of Gopuff to access exclusive cash-back promotions at one of the 45,000 retail locations in GetUpside’s network.

The GetUpside mobile app allows customers to connect with retail locations such as gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores and restaurants nationwide by presenting users with personalized cash-back promotions based on their transaction history. The company’s technology has helped more than 30 million people earn two to three times more cash back than any other product while also earning measurable profit for tens of thousands of brick-and-mortar businesses.

“We’re happy to work with Gopuff’s rapidly growing network to make delivery partners’ dollars go further on the things they need, and to continue our commitment to our merchant partners and drive all available demand to their locations. It is a true win-win,” said Alex Kinnier, co-founder and CEO of Washington, D.C.-based GetUpside.

As gas prices begin to rise and general consumables become more expensive, gig-economy drivers are feeling the effects of the rising costs in products. The partnership with Gopuff aims to give its drivers more purchasing power, and also to serve GetUpside retailers by bringing them all available demand. 

Separately, in the fuel industry, rising rack prices and tightening margins have made it difficult for fuel retailers, most of which are selling at a loss right now.

“By working with GetUpside, we are helping delivery partners access cash back on the things that they have told us they need and want, like gas and groceries,” said Daniel Folkman, SVP of business at Philadelphia-based Gopuff.

The partnership has the goal of benefiting consumers and delivery partners of both companies. Gopuff dedicates its efforts to fulfilling global consumers’ everyday needs with an assortment of various necessities, among them cleaning and home products, medicine, pet care, office supplies, and baby products. Meanwhile, billions of dollars in commerce come through the GetUpside platform every year, with that value going directly back to GetUpside’s retailers and the consumers they serve, as well as toward important sustainability initiatives.

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