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Getting the Word Out on Breakfast

Food manufacturers share promotional, merchandising strategies
Breakfast Aisle Main Image
Wherever a breakfast item is merchandised, it should stand out – even among its brand mates.

Naturally, breakfast food companies are eager to draw attention to their products both inside and outside of stores to attract the most morning-meal eaters.

“Kellogg’s has strong retail partnerships, and we work with them to create promotions and communications to ensure our brands are providing affordable and nutritious breakfast solutions to our mutual customers/consumers,” says Carrie Sander, general manager, portable wholesome snacks at the Battle Creek, Mich.-based CPG powerhouse.

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“We work closely with our retail partners both in-store and online to highlight Krusteaz as the ultimate breakfast solution and bring the taste to life, so consumers know what to expect,” notes Caroline Platt, director of brand marketing at The Krusteaz Co., in Tukwila, Wash. “We’re consistently working with our retailer partners across their unique platforms to leverage 360-degree tactics for the best results.”

Adds Platt: “We strive to emphasize just how delicious and convenient our breakfast products are through our packaging design and other promotions, including our inspirational social content and online recipes that offer creative ways to add Krusteaz products to your morning routine.”

Egglife wraps are found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, typically near the eggs, refrigerated tortillas and breads, or cheese,” notes David Kroll, CEO of Chicago-based Egglife Foods, a maker of egg white wraps. “We’ve found that this is the best place to introduce protein-rich breakfast foods.”

According to Kroll: We also recently began partnering with popular TV personality Ross Mathews, who was a longtime fan and found Egglife on his personal wellness journey, and now is helping us spread the word of how they are the perfect wrap for any situation.”

Further, to help consumers better use its products across all dayparts, the company has “had a lot of fun developing over 150 recipes – both savory and sweet – that are as easy to make as they are nutritious,” he says.

We strive to bring relevant and meaningful benefits to our consumers, which also translates to events for our retailers,” observes Ricardo Fernandez, the company’s president, morning foods at Minneapolis-based General Mills. “For example, our recent Guardians of the Galaxy partnership drove a lot of buzz at shelf, and we’re excited for our upcoming back-to-school programming around increased levels of vitamin D in many of our Big G cereals.”

Continues Fernandez: “We are also continuing to lean into all facets of marketing, with an increased emphasis on social media, as well as digital and in-store promotions to reach consumers where they are, particularly as shopping habits evolve.”

Retailers always see English muffins as a perfect breakfast item,” says Cameron Meekins, of Boston-based Stone & Skillet, which makes those very baked goods. “In fact, sometimes they merchandise them with secondary placement in the dairy set, right next to butter, to spark that morning usage impulse.”

Wherever an item is merchandised, it should stand out – even among its brand mates.

“It’s easy for breakfast products to blend in when they’re all grouped together in an aisle,” observes Mary Pensiero, brand manager at Horsham, Pa.-based Bimbo Bakeries USA, parent company of Thomas’. “For a brand like Thomas’, where we have a number of breakfast options in our portfolio, it’s important for the packaging and uniqueness of Muffin Tops to stand out from the others. As a first-of-its-kind offering for the brand, we aimed to ensure Muffin Tops stood out on shelves and were easy for consumers to find by creating unique packaging and messaging that showcases the premium ingredients within each pack.”

At the same time, though, she notes, “When launching Muffin Tops, it was important that we kept to the traditional Thomas’ branding, so consumers know the product comes from a brand they’re familiar with and trust.”

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