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FreshDirect Expands Suburban Deliveries

FreshDirect Expands Suburban Deliveries
The company says its suburban demand is rising during the pandemic.

Online grocer FreshDirect said that it has expanded delivery capacity in Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island, responding to a 100% growth surge in its suburban footprint during the pandemic.  The company also announced that it is extending Hamptons delivery for the foreseeable future.

A recent customer survey revealed that suburban and Hamptons demand will continue unabated. FreshDirect found that 76% of their customers already in the Hamptons plan to extend their stay beyond the summer. The company also plans to hire 350 full-time employees from now through mid-September.

“Suburban customers have experienced what residents of urban markets have known for a long timeconvenience doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality—you can access the best food in the country without a trip to the store,” said David McInerney, co-founder and CEO of FreshDirect. “And as more people relocate to the suburbs as a result of the pandemic, they are taking FreshDirect with them or trying us for the first time and never looking back.”

McInerney added, “The decision to extend our service to the Hamptons is a direct response to the many customers who have decided to stay in that area for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic. We wanted to extend the opportunity for them to have a safe grocery buying alternative for the rest of the year.”

Less than a month ago, FreshDirect said it was enlarging its service footprint in the Washington D.C., metro area, as well as adding on-demand delivery, through a new partnership with micro-fulfillment provider Fabric. Earlier this year, the company launched two-hour delivery to shoppers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and parts of Queens.

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