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Franklin Farms Organic Shredded Kimchi

Item provides versatile yet bold flavors, as well as probiotic/prebiotic benefits
Franklin Farms Kimchi Rice

Franklin Farms, a division of Keystone Natural Holdings, has expanded its plant-based offerings with Organic Shredded Kimchi, a condiment made with fresh cabbage fermented in a blend of onions, garlic, carrots, red chili pepper and spices. As well as being a probiotic and prebiotic powerhouse, the U.S.-made product is vegan; kosher; fat-, cholesterol- and gluten-free; low in calories; and nutrient dense, making it a natural choice for health-minded consumers. Although it’s a staple of traditional Korean cuisine, kimchi has many applications – consumers can use it as a burger topping or add it to tacos, hot dogs, stir-fried rice and more. A refrigerated 16-ounce package retails for a suggested $7.99.

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