Flavor Trends Deepen for 2023

McCormick shares its annual Flavor Forecast spotlighting 'layered heat,' full-flavored fats and more
Lynn Petrak
Senior Editor
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McCormick seasoning
McCormick has named its inaugural "Flavor of the Year" that encapsulates many of today's trends.

CPGs and grocers looking to get a taste of what’s ahead for product development and launches in the coming year can get a cue from venerable flavor house McCormick & Co. The supplier published the 23rd edition of its Flavor Forecast that reflects consumers’ widening tastes and cooking finesse honed during the pandemic.

According to McCormick's team of culinary pros and flavor experts, flavors will get richer in a variety of ways and interpretations. Full-flavored fats are increasingly utilized, as consumers balance their eating habits and better understand how to impart food with flavor using ingredients like butter and oils. More robust flavor will also come by way of “multi-sensorial, layered” heat that goes beyond simply spicy profiles to finish and linger differently.

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Consumers are also getting more adept at cooking, leading to renewed inspiration from classic French techniques and dishes. “Democratized for today’s kitchen, French cuisine has never been more approachable while using the best ingredients and culinary techniques to build a harmony of flavors and lay the foundations for food and beverage to come,” McCormick’s flavor forecasters wrote.

In addition to identifying emerging flavor notes heading into a new year, McCormick also announced its first-ever flavor of the year: Vietnamese x Cajun Style Seasoning. The seasoning reflects the trending flavors, with influences in French cuisine and depths of heat provided by cayenne, paprika, lemongrass, garlic and black peppercorn.

In other news, the company is also delving into different layers of the marketplace by launching a “House of Flavor” live virtual destination in the metaverse. Located in the blockchain-powered Decentraland area of the metaverse, the destination will share Vietnamese Cajun dishes, offer a chance to earn one of three unique wearables and allow users to interact with content featuring chefs who inspired the flavor of the year.

“This year, McCormick is rolling out its most intriguing Flavor Forecast report yet, unveiling key trends that will shape the way that consumers prepare and enjoy foods for the next year,” said Kevan Vetter, executive chef and senior director of culinary for the Hunt Valley, Md.-based McCormick & Co. “With the inaugural Flavor of the Year, Vietnamese x Cajun Style Seasoning, McCormick is demonstrating the culinary masterpiece that emerges when cuisines are combined. We’re excited to bring these flavorful concoctions to consumers.”

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