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DoorDash Introduces Ultra-Fast Grocery Delivery, New Approach to Labor

Grocers and c-store partners expected to join platform in 2022
DoorDash Introduces Ultra-Fast Grocery Delivery, New Approach to Labor
A new delivery service launched by DoorDash relies on full-time labor and offers the potential for deliveries in as little as 10 minutes.

Boasting delivery times in as little as 10 minutes, DoorDash has launched a grocery delivery service from its DashMart location in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

The offering of items available for delivery is limited to 2,000 fresh and frozen grocery staples, snacks, household goods, and local products. Initially, the speedy deliveries will be offered from a new DashMart location in Chelsea, with more locations and partners coming over the next few months. DoorDash introduced DashMarts in eight markets in 2020.

"As the largest and most reliable logistics network in the U.S., DoorDash is positioned to enter this emerging industry and provide consistent quality, speed and convenience that customers know and trust,” said Christopher Payne, president of DoorDash. “Many New Yorkers already turn to DoorDash for their next meal or essentials purchases, which puts us in an exciting place to deliver on the promise of ultra-fast delivery.”

New Yorkers also turn to a rapidly expanding set of so-called “instant needs” companies such as Jokr, Buyk and GoPuff, who promise rapid deliveries on a limited range of items, typically in markets with high population densities.

“Consumers increasingly expect an effortless, enjoyable experience, so while we are starting with DashMarts, our goal is to expand this offering to select grocery and convenience partners," Payne said.

To generate trial usage of the service, DoorDash is incenting shoppers within the delivery zone with $15 off their first order by using the code WELCOMENYC. Customers can visit the DoorDash app or website and place an order from DashMart for a delivery between 7 a.m. and 2 a.m. daily. Customers who have DashPass will see $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on their orders.

DoorDash maintains the new service offers an opportunity for couriers who are seeking a set schedule and more regular earnings, as deliveries from DashMart locations require a different operating model to ensure orders are fulfilled instantly and merchant and customer expectations are met. Therefore, DashCorps, a DoorDash company, will employ full-time courier employees who will work regular schedules, be actively managed, and use a new app designed specifically for their unique work, which includes job responsibilities beyond delivery. The jobs also come with benefits of traditional employment such as hourly earnings and medical, dental and vision insurance.

"Millions of people across the country turn to platforms like DoorDash to earn supplemental income when, where and how they choose, providing them with unique flexibility and choice that is so valuable," Payne said. "We're proud to be a leader in providing economic opportunities that fit the lives of so many people. And now, we're excited about the new employment opportunity that DashCorps offers for a different type of work."

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