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Cole’s Seafood Open & Eat Patagonian Smoked Salmon and Smoked Rainbow Trout

Convenient meals certified by ASC as containing responsibly farmed fish
Cole's Seafood Open & Eat Meals Main Image

In partnership with the global nonprofit Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Cole’s Seafood is taking tinned seafood to the next level with its ASC-certified and -labeled Open & Eat Patagonian Smoked Salmon and Smoked Rainbow Trout. The complete, nutrient-based meals, featuring quinoa or vegetables, can be eaten straight from the can at home, at work or on the go. Since the top two selling proteins in Cole’s current canned seafood line are trout and salmon, the company decided to launch its Open & Eat meals with these two popular options. A 5.6-ounce tin retails for a suggested $8.99. ASC sets the world’s strictest certification and labeling program for responsibly farmed seafood.

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