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Chefs Life Cooking Oils

Custom-blended line created by culinary celeb Brian Malarkey
Chefs Life Cooking Oils

Developed by celebrity chef and restaurateur Brian Malarkey, Chefs Life is a line of cooking oils custom blended for the home chef. Each oil is designed for a specific step in the creation of a dish. Sourced from Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Argentina, Chile, Ukraine, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Turkey and Morocco, the line comes in three varieties: Cooking Oil, a blend of avocado, olive, sunflower and grapeseed oils designed for sautéing, frying, roasting and searing, due to its high smoke point; Blending Oil, a combination of extra-virgin olive, avocado and grapeseed oils created for making salad dressings and baking, because of its mildness; and Finishing Oil, pure extra-virgin olive oil suitable for dipping or drizzling, thanks to its strong, peppery flavor. The idea for creating specific cooking oils for different culinary techniques came to Malarkey amid the pandemic while he was teaching home cooks through virtual cooking classes. A 16.9-ounce bottle of any variety retails for a suggested retail price range of $7.99-$9.99. Further, Chefs Life has teamed up with Golden Rule Charity, a national organization providing relief to restaurant and hospitality employees in need, by donating a portion of all proceeds back to the hospitality industry.




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