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Certco Boosts Online Shopping With eGrowcery

Wholesaler offering retailers enhanced digital engagement platform
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According to eGrowcery, its new partnership with Certco "will rapidly expand the array of e-commerce features and benefits we will be able to provide” independents serviced by the Midwestern wholesaler.

Certco Inc., a retail cooperative servicing 200 stores-plus across Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa, can now provide its members and other retail customers with an enhanced digital engagement platform from eGrowcery, developer of a white-label e-commerce platform for grocers. Certco will resell eGrowcery technology, and the two companies will collaborate on digital advertising opportunities.

“By adding eGrowcery to our preferred list of technology vendors, we are helping our retail partners better service their customers across all buying channels,” noted Emily Mallahan, VP of digital marketing and retail technology at Madison, Wis.-based Certco, which currently distributes more than 59,000 items to independent grocery retailers. “The eGrowcery platform drives shopper loyalty and supports shopper development activities by providing the customer-centric features and fulfillment options preferred at each retailer.” 

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eGrowcery is already supporting Certco member stores in Wisconsin, among them Jenifer Street Market, in Madison, and Monterrey Market, in Milwaukee. According to both independents, they’re seeing increased revenues and shopper engagement from the software-as-service e-commerce solution. 

“The eGrowcery platform gives us the flexibility we need to make online shopping at Jenifer Street Market exactly what our customers expect,” asserted Jenifer Street Market owner David McKenzie. “Combined with our great customer service and high-quality products, they provide a solution that helps us compete effectively with much larger chains.”

“This new Certco-eGrowcery partnership will rapidly expand the array of e-commerce features and benefits we will be able to provide these retailers,” said Patrick Hughes, CEO of Birmingham, Mich.-based eGrowcery. “We are structuring this in a way to add greater efficiency for the retailers while improving the ways shoppers can purchase and receive their orders.”

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