Caulipower All Natural Chicken Nuggets

Caulipower All Natural Chicken Nuggets Main Image

Maker of the No. 1 cauliflower crust pizza and No. 1 gluten-free pizza in the United States, Caulipowerhas entered another segment with the introduction of Chicken Nuggets. The product offers all-natural white meat chicken breast with a veggie coating made with chickpea and cauliflower, making them the only chickpea- and cauliflower-coated chicken nugget on the market. The easy-to-prepare item is also gluten-free, as well as free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, with zero trans-fats or added sugars. According to Caulipower, its nuggets have 29% fewer calories, 39% less fat and 27% fewer total carbs than the top 25 frozen nugget SKUs. The suggested retail price range for a 14-ounce bag of nuggets is $8.99-$9.99.




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