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Before the Butcher Debuts on Vejii’s Platform

Online vegan retailer can now exclusively sell Mainstream line of plant-based burger products
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Before the Butcher Debuts on Vejii’s Platform
Consumers can now buy Before the Butcher’s vegan Mainstream Burgers at

Canadian company Vejii Holdings Ltd., through its U.S.-based subsidiary, Vejii Inc., is accommodating the growing number of consumers interested in reducing their meat consumption by partnering with plant-based producer Before the Butcher. As a result of the partnership, Before the Butcher's meat-alternative products are now available on, which includes exclusivity on the Mainstream line of burger products.

"We are proud to have online exclusivity for a high-quality line of products like Mainstream,'' said Kory Zelickson, CEO of Vejii Holdings, which is based in Kelowna, British Columbia. "Our vegan marketplace offers a range of products which are accessible in a consolidated shopping experience. This provides incredible value for the Vejii shopper. We will continue to work hard for our customers to ensure they have access to the best brands at the best prices."

Vejii provides an online shopping experience for a broad cross-section of the plant-based market, encompassing vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and anyone looking to simply begin integrating more plant-based meals into their diet. It leverages technology integrations like smart lists, reorder features, subscription programs and artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience.

"Not only does Before the Butcher offer great-tasting products, but the prices for its plant-based meat alternatives are comparable to those of a traditional beef product," added Zelickson. "Our mission is to make eating vegan, or simply integrating more plant-based foods into your life, simple and affordable. There is often a misconception that choosing a plant-based diet can be more expensive, so we are proud to be able to offer competitive prices for consumers, while also supporting small businesses across the U.S."

In addition to allowing for an increased margin, Vejii's direct relationship with Before the Butcher will allow for faster shipping times. Mainstream products will be cold-packed and can be delivered within two to three business days across the United States. Vejii recently rolled out its Vejii Express service in February, providing guaranteed shipping within two business days for select products.

“Vejii is the perfect distribution partner for our Mainstream plant-based patties,” said Danny O’Malley, president and founder of San Diego-based Before the Butcher. “As our customer base grows, the e-commerce efforts need to scale as well. No matter if customers are ordering from California, Massachusetts or Wyoming, they can rest assured that Vejii will quickly and reliably deliver our products straight to their front door.”

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