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The Burly recycle bin is a superb receptacle that helps you to simplify and maximize your recycling efforts starting at the storefront. This simple and effortless bin requires no set up and minimum maintenance, saving operators labor costs and time. The Burly’s dimensions are 24”w x 24”d x 40”h, it has a 45 gallon capacity, and it is ideal for high-traffic areas. This unit is made of durable plastic material with a strong and well balanced base to provide great stability, and a top covered lid that stays securely in place during strong winds when placed outdoors.

The Burly is ergonomic and economic. It is clearly labeled and easy to access from four sides encouraging users to dispose of the correct recyclable materials at first glance. Its sturdy construction provides long term durability that requires replacement less often and makes for a great return on your investment. Unit is available in a variety of colors, graphics and lid openings.

The minimalist design of The Burly makes it an outstanding and most suitable fixture for any and all areas that require a functional and sustainable recycling container.

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