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America’s Fastest Growing Paper Goods Brand

OhSo Strong Paper Towels have quickly ascended into the Top 5 paper towel brands with America’s leading grocery chains. And in the last year we’ve sold so much OhSo Soft Bathroom Tissue — if you unrolled it all, it would make it to the moon and back. Literally.

Today, The OhSo Co. brand can be found in more than 30,000 stores nationwide, across grocery, drug, and big box market channels. We provide a quality product at low cost and with better margins than leading national brands. Targeted media support is driving traffic. We’re guaranteeing delivery. And when it lands on the shelf, it’s only there for a short while because the packaging pops. Diversify your paper products aisle and fill your shelves with a brand that has a truly strong presence. OhSo Strong Paper Towels & OhSo Soft Bathroom Tissue. In stock and ready to ship right now. Visit or call 334-541-4070 to learn more.

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