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ZENB Ramen

Classic dish with authentic Japanese flavors gets vegan, gluten-free update
ZENBE Ramen Main Image

With ramen consumption high among foodies, plant-based food brand ZENB was inspired to create a vegan, gluten-free version of the classic Japanese dish. Each pouch of ZENB Ramen contains the essential components for a satisfying bowl of ramen: premium non-fried noodles and a packet of savory, umami-packed soup broth. Like all ZENB Pasta products, ZENB Ramen is made from 100% whole yellow peas for a chewy, springy texture. Additionally, the product offers 18 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber per serving. ZENB’s ramen line comes in three flavors: Spicy Miso (3.9 ounces), offering a savory broth with a blend of chilies for a kick of fiery heat; Shoyu (3.8 ounces), featuring a bright tamari soy sauce with notes of ginger and warming white pepper; and Vegan Tonkotsu (3.8 ounces), a rich, full-bodied with notes of nutty toasted sesame and roasted garlic. Available on ZENB’s website and, starting early this summer, Amazon, the ramen will retail for a suggested $5.99 for a packet of any flavor. Ramen fans across the United States will be able to sample ZENB Ramen this summer, when the brand embarks on the second season of its “Keeping It Real” mobile sampling tour. ZENB is a division of Japanese food company Mizkan


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