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Younger Consumers Loyal to Self-Checkout

New research from Avery Dennison shows that Gen Z shoppers would switch stores to have that option
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Frictionless shopping data point
A new study commissioned by Avery Dennison shows that most consumers have tried self-checkout.

According to a new study, Gen Z consumers don’t just like frictionless shopping – they’ll switch stores if they can't get it. A survey commissioned by digital solutions company Avery Dennison found that 52% of consumers born after 1996 would likely buy groceries at another store that offers DIY checkout. 

The data also shows that 49% of this young cohort of shoppers tends to spend more money with retailers offering an automated or connected checkout experience. Additionally, 52% agreed that connected stores would make them more loyal to a particular retail brand.

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Gen Z may be leading the way, but shoppers across demographic groups appreciate the convenience of self-checkout. Two-thirds of survey respondents said they would choose retailers that offer self-scanning at the end of their grocery shopping trip, while 59% said the same about the ability to scan items as they shop. 

As one might suspect, speed is the main reason why shoppers gravitate towards frictionless buying. More than a third – 34% – of those polled also noted they don't like to stand in line for regular checkout and 33% said that they appreciate less interaction with people.

As for the drawbacks of self-checkout, most respondents cited the difficulty in getting help from a store employee if there was an issue with their transaction. Only 18% responded that there is no benefit to this form of in-store purchasing.

“Considering that most people haven’t yet had the opportunity to try a full check-out free store, our research shows a high percentage would be more likely to switch retailers for the experience, which demonstrates a clear shift in consumer expectations. At the same time, a growing number of leading retailers are turning to digital ID solutions to truly transform the customer experience,” said Francisco Melo, president, solutions group, at Avery Dennison.

The survey was conducted by the Opinion Matters research firm in November and December 2023, polling 4,000 shoppers in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. 

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