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Woodman’s Ramps Up Fuel Management and Compliance

Midwest indie opts for Warren Rogers’ FuelWrap system
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Using fuelWRAp, Woodman's store support staff can reduce their time spent each day identifying and addressing a range of fuel inventory issues.

Woodman’s Markets, a Midwest supermarket, convenience store, vehicle care and car wash retailer with 19 locations throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, has chosen Warren Rogers Precision Fuel System Diagnostics as its provider of fuel system compliance, wet-stock management and forecourt diagnostics.

Woodman’s will deploy Warren Rogers’ fuelWRAp system, which uses real-time data and leverages the flexibility and smart analytics of the cloud to enable fuel retailers to continuously track fuel inventory as it arrives at their sites, enters the tank, flows through each fuel line and reaches the meter, even at the most complex high-throughput sites. Further, Warren Rogers will provide customized auditing and operational reports, as well as the compliance documentation required to meet all state and federal regulations. 

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“When it comes to fuel management and compliance, Warren Rogers has such a great reputation for reliability, efficiency and precision,” noted Nick Popp, director of store development at Janesville, Wis.-based Woodman’s. “Their extensive background and expertise, combined with their fuelWRAp real-time system, made this the ideal choice for us, especially as it relates to technology improvements and positioning ourselves for future growth.”

Added William Jones, president and CEO of Middletown, R.I.-based Warren Rogers: “We’re delighted that Woodman’s has selected us as their service partner. Their long history and dedication to providing superior products and services in Wisconsin and Illinois are truly impressive. We’re excited about working with Woodman’s as they continue to grow. Fortunately, the fuelWRAp system is highly scalable, so we’ll be able to continue to support them with all their leak detection, compliance and fuel-monitoring needs, now and into the future.”

Using fuelWRAp, store support staff can reduce their time spent each day identifying and addressing such issues as dormant or down fueling positions; water in the tank; active tank gauge alarms; meters out of variance; failed tank, sensor and line testing; low inventory levels; lost communications; slowing fuel flow trends; and other abnormalities. The solution features a user-friendly dashboard that lets a customer view its forecourt diagnostics across its enterprise on a consolidated and centralized online platform, enabled for desktop, mobile and tablet. This critical information is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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