WOLO Protein WanderBars

WOLO Protein WanderBars

Designed specifically for travelers, the WOLO WanderBar, the first product launched under the WOLO WanderSnacks brand, provides convenience without compromising nutritional benefits. Providing antioxidants to boost immunity, fiber to aid digestion and 15 grams of energy-producing protein the 100 percent soy-and gluten-free bars have under 6 grams of sugar, aren’t covered in chocolate, and won’t crumble. Unique to the product line are its three layers: a crispy bottom layer, a velvety nougat-like consistency on the second and flavorful toppings on the third. The bars’ natural ingredients include coconut oil, zinc and turmeric, all known for their positive and effective health benefits. Available in vibrant packaging inspired by vintage travel posters, the line comes in the whimsically named Cocoa Crunch Frequent Flyer, Mint Chocolate Chip Lost Weekend, Peanut Butter Road Tripper, Lemon Cake Dessert Oasis, S’Mores Happy Camper and Salted Caramel Bon-Bon Voyage varieties. A 12-pack retails for a suggested $26.99 and a 6-pack goes for a suggested $14.99, while a single bar has a suggested retail price of $2.49.

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