Wok of Life Cooking Sauces

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The first company to introduce all-natural, vegan, sugar-free, ready-to-use Asian cooking sauces, Wok of Life offers six authentic flavors that simplify meal prep and intensify flavor: Szechuan, Sesame Garlic, Sweet and Sour, Cheng Pi Tangerine, Kung Pao, and Mandarin Teriyaki. The sauces are also carb-careful; gluten-, dairy- and MSG-free; and keto- and diabetes-friendly, as  containing fewer calories and less salt than other brands, with no added preservatives. Wok of Life sauces are sweetened with allulose and Blossom, the latter a proprietary blend of monk fruit extract and erythritol that imparts a flavorful kick without the sugar, calories or carbs that can raise blood sugar. As part of the Halo Healthy Tribes alliance of premium all-natural and zero-added-sugar food and beverage products, Wok of Life is committed to the transparency of ingredients and allergens. The Halo across the top of the bottle is a quick reference to the product’s attributes, while the back calls out all allergens, not just those required by law. A 14-ounce bottle of any of the sauces retails for a suggested $7.99.




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